How to Score the Best Cruise Deals

Planning your next cruise can be a very exciting prospect! However, the cost of doing so may put a damper on that excitement. Here are a few tips to help you score the best cruise deals available.

* Take the time to shop around and do your research! You have the entire Internet at your fingertips, so don’t take for granted that the cruise line’s website offers the best cruise deals. A lot of times you can find the same fare on another site but with added bonuses such as on board credit or free shore excursions. Just be sure you take the time to research these offers and make sure you are truly getting the bargains they claim to be offering.

* Take advantage of last minute savings. Due to the cost of maintaining a cruise ship, cruise lines do not like to sail unless they are at full capacity. Often times this can mean big savings and great cruise deals at the last minute as the cruise lines attempt to fill vacancies. When using this method it is best to search for cruises that still have vacancies at the last minute rather than to plan a specific cruise and just wait until the last minute to book. If you purposely wait until the last minute for a specific cruise, you may find disappointment in not being able to book the type of stateroom you desire or possibly not being able to book at all. Also bear in mind that these last minute deals typically require full payment up front.

* Plan in advance. A lot of times you can get the best cruise deals by booking your cruise a year or more in advance. Not only will this lock in the discounted pricing for you, but it will also allow you to put down a deposit and then make smaller payments over time until the cruise is paid for.

* Use a trusted travel agent. Travel agents are aware of the best cruise deals and often offer special bonuses if you book through them. If you use a reputable travel agent you can also rest easy and know you’re not being filled with false promises just for the sake of making a sale.

With all of the competition out there today, it isn’t very difficult to get amazing cru

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